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6 Must Have Tools To Start Career in Digital Marketing

It doesn’t matter if you are a big or small company, these tools are making a mark in the world of digital marketing and you must master these tools to keep up with the competition. From Search Engine Marketing to Social Media these are all the tools you need to make your life easy, save time and boost your website.
These are the must-have tools if you are into digital marketing:

Reports & Data Collection


Google Analytics

A very effective tool to track your website users and how your website is doing. Google Analytics provides in-depth reports of users –  imagine you are an online shopping in Pakistan website with millions of products and you wanted to how many people visits your website and what is your conversion rate – well, you don’t have to worry about that Google Analytics is here to solve this problem, by generating few snippet codes in the Analytics and pasting it onto your website you are good to go with Analytics and get real-time stats on your website.


A very effective tool to collect leads by newsletter pop-ups on your website and the best thing about this tool is you can see your visitors real-time and monitor their behavior by heat-maps. This helps you track where your website is less engaging to the visitors, where it needs to be improved and what are the reasons that a visitor did not become your customer. The heat map shows the behavior of visitors by indicating areas where visitors have shown interest.

Tool for SEO

Uber Suggest

It is a tool for keyword research which helps content writers PPC and SEO experts to identify keywords which are suitable for their campaigns or blog to attract the right audience. UberSuggest provides keywords price information for CPC, competitive intelligence of keywords used by rivals and various other features.

Google Keyword Planner

I guess no one will disagree if I say Google Keyword Planner is the most effective and convenient tool for keyword research. It shows the searches for every keyword and its cost when it comes to PPC campaigns. The power of Keyword Planner is unmatchable, it can sort the data of a specific keyword with respect to industry, country, city or a specific area you select.

Social Media Marketing Tools


If you are into e-commerce business and have an online shopping website with multiple social media pages, this is the tool for you to manage various social media pages at once place, your social media expert will handle multiple accounts at one place it supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and many more. HootSuite allows you to handle SMM pages on the dashboard in a neat and clean way without the hassle of logging in and out into multiple pages.

Smartly lets you automate Facebook and Instagram campaigns, A/B testing tools, retargeting, cloning ads and much more. This platform is usually used by experts for paid advertising to manage campaigns efficiently. Online stores usually prefer this tool during their Black Friday campaigns to save time and get most out of their huge budget used in SMM. Smartly also provides interactive report generating features to its users which helps to analyze the outcomes from a specific campaign.

Do consider using and mastering these tools if you are eager to make a dent in Digital Marketing.Digital Marketing Tools


Mikail Khan

Mikail Khan is an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with a proven track record of successful SEM and SMM campaigns. Mikail is a Business Graduate
He is Google Certified Partner and Facebook Blueprint Certified having clear concepts of Digital Marketing and Public Relations his insights and work is recognized and published on various websites across the net.

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